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Our global innovation network helps to develop and optimize innovation, by efficiently connecting start-ups, innovation hubs, corporates, finance, universities and government – from R&D to commercialization. The platform is also a source for market intelligence, knowledge, insights, tenders and grants.


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Monica Richter from WWF Australia
"WWF is an enthusiastic supporter of CleanTek Market directing innovators and technology developers to connect with investors and corporates through the platform services."
Trevor Townsend from Startup Bootcamp Energy
"We look forward to using CleanTek Market as one of our channels to recruit innovators and startups into our Smart Energy program, and to connect them with investors and strategic partners."
Dr Adam Bumpus from Accelerate Energy
"Connecting the clean energy ecosystem is essential to help the next wave of energy entrepreneurs get their innovations from being an idea to a real company. The Innovation space on Cleantek Market will help these ideas become a reality."