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About the Company

Growth is not powered by single dimensional capital investment. We strengthen businesses through a three fold approach of innovation, capital and collaboration.  Hatchstone Capital provides expertise in fund management, financial advisory, and strategy consulting to the next level.


Hatchstone Ignite ESVCLP


The fund will target a minimum raise of A$10m to invest in early stage technology businesses that have application in the infrastructure sector and the ability to disrupt traditional methods of construction, operation and maintenance of infrastructure assets (”infra-tech”). Relevant technologies include blockchain, fin-tech, big data, internet of things, artificial intelligence, augmented / virtual reality, drone, energy smart grid, autonomous vehicle and asset sharing.


Blockchain Ventures ESVCLP


In collaboration with Collinstar Capital, the fund has an investment focus on blockchain, cryptocurrency and fintech technology, among other digital and technology investments. Targeting early and seed stage of businesses.


Blockchain Ventures Digital Asset Fund 


Hatchstone Capital helped Collinstar establish the fund vehicle and fund administration processes for Blockchain Ventures LP. The fund raised US$10m from offshore investors. The fund actively trades cryptocurrencies for overseas investors and participates in token generation events (ICOs).

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