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About the Company

At Tanarra, we aim to excel at proprietary investing, and to be a trusted partner to companies that we invest in.




Analytical rigor is at the heart of what we do. Our investment decisions are grounded in first hand independent research and inquiry into relevant markets, industry structures and competitors using the deep expertise and market knowledge of our personal networks.


We strive to understand the economic drivers of a business, allowing us to leverage our significant financial and business experience to facilitate growth. Our highly disciplined approach – focusing on fundamentally sound businesses, not financial engineering – has underpinned our strong track record.




Our team members are true partners, with substantial “skin in the game”. With our patient approach to capital, focused on building genuine value rather than realizing near term returns, we have helped our portfolio companies to build market-leading, global businesses.

We believe that the best management should be left to do just that – manage. Our approach is focused around genuine partnerships with adept managers, encouraging them to leverage our substantial operational and transaction experience to build great businesses. We are focused on relationships and working together with management teams and fellow shareholders to drive optimal decision making.


Global Reach


With offices across the Asia Pacific and access to a global network of expertise, we are genuinely invested in using our experiences to the benefit of our investees, offering firsthand perspectives on a wide range of industry sectors and countries. Leveraging our global network and skills has been critical to our value-add to partner companies.

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