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Climate-KIC Australia are a Knowledge Innovation Community (KIC) to catalyse a national response to climate change and the global-scale opportunities it presents.


Climate-KIC Australia works collaboratively with EIT Climate-KIC in Europe (www.climate-kic.org) to bring to bear EU experience and programs. Our partners are drawn from universities, governments, the private sector and NGOs across Australia. Our partners are: NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, the South Australian Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Suncorp Group, EnergyLab, South Pole Group, WattWatchers, WWF Australia, the University of Adelaide, Curtin University, the University of Melbourne and the University of Technology Sydney.




To help bring to market innovative climate change solutions by connecting key players across the whole innovation pathway.


We will build links between the research community, government and commercial opportunity, being the catalyst to link ideas, commercial know-how and investment capital via a proven model from the European Union.




Systemic change

Identifying and developing the market potential of emerging technologies, and creating new products, services and jobs with a global impact on climate change.



Recruiting, nurturing and developing entrepreneurs to become agents of change.



Creating opportunities and practical tools to enable small businesses and start-ups working in the areas of climate innovation, to turn ideas into commercial success.




Net-zero Carbon Energy

Greenhouse gas emissions from the energy sector comprise the greatest share of Australia’s emissions.


Sustainable Resilient Cities

The majority of Australians live in urban areas, with significant growth likely to occur in many urban areas to 2030.


Regions in Transition

Several regions of Australia provide an opportunity for innovation. These areas are currenly undergoing economic transition and have traditionally been dependent on carbon-intensive industries

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