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To accelerate clean technology transfer in developing and
developed countries by creating a global clean technology ecosystem.

We are an Innovative Global Clean Technology Marketplace

CleanTek Market is developing a global clean technology ecosystem. The platform connects clean technologies, projects and organisations with finance and other market participants (intermediaries). We use smart algorithms to create an open and secure clean technology ecosystem to efficiently transact clean technology deals. We have a growing database of organisations and partners from Asia, Europe, Australia and the Americas. We use smart algorithms to connect global clean technology participants. We facilitate the aggregation and curation of projects, companies, tenders and grants.


The platform manages all aspects of the relationship from the initial pitch, managing deal flow and finding the right technology, project or company.


Connect with clean technology projects, investors, advisors, end users and other market participants. The platform curates deals, companies and information to match your needs.
Gain insights & Knowledge
Gain insights & knowledge of the latest news and deals in the clean technology sector. Find tenders and grants in the clean technology sector.
Raise finance
Raise finance for your clean technology project or start-up using our smart algorithms.
Raise your profile
Raise your profile internationally and increase in-bound leads.
Set-up and track
Set-up and track your clean technology projects, funding rounds and connections.
Buid your network
Build your network through the clean technology clusters.